Honeywell's Gulfstream Jet Crosses Atlantic on e50 Biofuel

Honeywell‘s camelina-based Green Jet Fuel arrived at last weekend’s Paris AirShow in grand style, powering the company’s Gulfstream G450 demonstrator across the Atlantic as part of the company’s “proof of concept” display to promote and market their biofuel.

The Honeywell jet flew in on a 50/50 blend of the Green Jet Fuel and a conventional petroleum-based fuel (making it “E50”, in pump-speak), and claims this specific use of Green Jet Fuel produced significantly fewer carbon emissions than a similar flight made on 100% petroleum.

How “significantly fewer”? Try 6 tons. (!)

The technology behind Honeywell’s fuel program was initially driven by a 2007 DARPA contract, and makes use of camelina ethanol (camelina a dedicated energy crop that grows in rotation with wheat, reducing any perceived “competition” with food markets), which is processed using the same methods already in use in the manufacture of current ethanol fuels. According to Honeywell, their camelina biofuel cuts carbon emissions by as much as 85 % (net) compared to petroleum-based fuels.

Additionally, Honeywell’s Green Jet Fuel can be mixed with petroleum-based fuels without negatively impacting performance or engine life, without requiring modifications to existing engines or fuel systems (this applies, by the way, to both commercial and military applications).

Source: Gizmag.

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