GM's Opel Junior Could Come to US as Mini, Fiat 500 Fighter

Is there a Junior in your future? If reports coming out of Germany are to be believed, then GM is getting ready to announce Opel’s return to the US – spearheaded by a premium subcompact that will compete with BMW’s Mini and all-electric “i” brands, as well as the Fiat 500C currently padding the wallets of “select” Chrysler dealers …

… and why shouldn’t they? Mini and Fiat aren’t the only brands that captured the hearts of young baby-boomers in the 60s and 70s, after all, and America’s Opel faithful – dutifully polishing and (let’s face it) repairing their GTs and Kadetts every other Sunday – are just as enthusiastic about their chosen marque than anyone I’ve met at a Fiat/Lancia Unlimited rally!

Klauz Franz, head of GM’s Opel division, apparently agrees with that sentiment, and has formally submitted a proposal to GM’s board to re-introduce Opel to the US market, positioning the brand as a small Buick and (presumably) selling the cars out of Buick’s showrooms – which would make sense, and help bring younger crowds into Buick’s US showrooms (something the brand desperately needs is customers with brown hair that didn’t come out of a bottle of Grecian Formula).

No word yet on possible specs, but expect some variant of the small turbo-4 currently found in Chevy’s Korean-made Sonic, or: 140 (ish) hp, 40 (ish) mpg.

Source: Auto Motor Und Sport, via the Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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