Sneak Preview: Honda's New, 2013 Plug-in Accord

Honda is on a bit of a Hybrid roll lately, having resumed production of its hybrid Insight and announced a new, 70 mph hybrid Fit Shuttle just this week alone.  What more, really, could anyone ask of Honda?

As Gas 2.0 editor Chris DeMorro put it, “another hybrid” – and here it is.  Sort of.

According to our friends at, the Accord up there (which looks like any other late-model Accord plus a few stickers) is actually an all-electric capable plug-in hybrid, which the company will likely position as a more “mainstream-friendly” alternative to Toyota’s hybrid Camry and Chevy’s slightly smaller Volt.  Under the skin, the Accord sedan makes use of a two motor system (unlike Honda’s current single-motor hybrid setup) combining a 120 kW traction motor with a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine, sending power to the wheels through a Honda-designed CVT transmission.

The plug-in Accord places its 6 kWh li-ion battery pack under the back seat, and is “about the size of a suitcase”.   As it sits in the prototype Accord (above) the package is good for a top speed of 60 mph, and an all-electric range of about 15 miles.  Honda believes this EV range will “satisfy about 70 percent of its users’ (driving needs).”


Jo Borrás

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