Honda's Insight is Back, Baby!

Japan’s March 11th earthquake forced the nation’s automakers to halt production of their hybrid models, all but handing US hybrid sales game to Ford and its Fusion/MKZ hybrid twins.  Ford dealers had better take note, though:  Honda is back in the game!

The Japanese automaker announced last Thursday that it had “turned a corner”, and gave US dealers “the OK” to begin ordering the cars again.  In the same memo, Honda’s sales VP John Mendel asked his dealers to aggressively advertise and “push” sales of the Insight on other hybrid models (which were up 111% before the quake), saying that “Honda’s manufacturing operations in Japan are returning to nearly normalized levels by the end of summer. This means our next allocation will include the fuel efficient Fit and Insight. This represents a major improvement from the recovery timetable (Honda) provided you last month.”

Granted, I haven’t exactly swallowed Honda’s Insight Kool-Aid, but I’m glad to see Honda’s quick recovery.  Keep it up, Honda!

Source:  Automotive News, via the Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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