Hyundai to Offer Plug-In Hybrid by 2013

The plucky Korean automaker Hyundai has been making big waves in the auto world the last couple of years, and they don’t seem intent on slowing down. By 2013, Hyundai will offer a Prius-fighting plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Hyundai has been making a big deal about its little cars, including the 40 mpg Elantra that does not require any special packages or gimmicks to achieve its 40 mpg highway rating (unlike the competition.) Another popular seller has been the all-new Sonata, which is due for a refresh in 2013 and will likely form the basis for a new plug-in hybrid.

Unlike much of the competition, Hyundai has many fuel efficient offerings, but only one hybrid vehicle, the Sonata hybrid, which recently crossed the U.S. on just two fill-ups and has respectable (if not Earth-shattering) mpg ratings of 35 city/40 highway. Along with its Kia Optima Hybrid sibling, the Sonata comes rather well loaded with premium features standard. In the meantime though, Hyundai has also been pushing forward plans to sell hydrogen cars, possibly as soon as 2012.

If Hyundai intends to take on the Prius though, they’re going to have to do better than a combined 37 mpg or expensive hydrogen vehicles. As it is, nobody has yet to match Toyota’s 50 mpg rating on the Prius, though the competition is quickly closing in and Hyundai plans to achieve a fleetwide rating of 50 mpg by 2025, which isn’t as far away as it seems. Will it be a Hyundai plug-in hybrid that takes the Prius down? Could be…

Source: Left Lane News

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