Swiss ECCO is the Solar-electric RV of the Future

That shimmering, silvery, tadpole of a car you see up there is the Swiss ECCO, and it’s more than just a funny-looking car.  Indeed, the ECCO is a solar-powered transformer that morphs from electric car to nautilus-inspired, carbon-neutral camper that was conceived by NAU – a team of visionary designers, architects, and (I couldn’t make this up if I tried) Hollywood special-effects artists in order to … I have no idea.

Still, does anyone really need an excuse to develop a bizarrely sensual chrome living pod to cruise the Bonneville salt flats in?  Of course not!  Because it’s there, that’s why!

The ECCO, then, is vaporware, and the “green scene” always gets packed with vaporware when gas prices start climbing.  Usually, these are projects that are so wildly ambitious in concept that they have no chance of becoming real.  While they may seem, initially, to be easily dismiss-able, these pie-in-the-sky ideas are often the first step towards getting the engineers excited and the politicians involved and investors motivated enough to make things real.

So, if you want to cruise the deserts of the future in a vehicle like the ECCO, share this post, email the photos, click the links, talk to your friends, and generally get the word out.  In the meantime, soak up the visuals and try to enjoy the show!

SourceNAU, via Motorpasion.

Jo Borrás

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