Fiat Unveils 57 MPG New TwinAir Eco-trim

Watch out, everyone. Italian automaker Fiat will be launching yet another trim option for its darling 500 model this summer- albeit only in the UK, for now.

The 500 TwinAir and TwinAir Plus are named after the TwinAir, Fiat’s 0.9 liter two-cylinder engine turbocharged for efficiency and power. It also features Fiat’s award-winning MultiAir technology (Fiat’s electronic inlet valve control system), which has been shown to boost power by 10% and torque by 15% to 85 hp at 6000 rpm and torque to 107 lb-ft at 1900 rpm. The little Fiat tops out at 108 miles per hour.

The Efficiency Skinny:

Fuel consumption is optimistically rated at 57 miles per gallon by the automaker (68 mpg on the U.K. testing cycle), but, according to some accounts, the little Cinquecento falls short. If you’re looking for good gas mileage, perhaps you should be content to wait for the 500 EV’s eventual 2013 debut, if you can swing it.

These newer Fiats do produce very low CO2 emissions, however, meeting the 2014 EU6 standards for pollutants…and the aesthetic options? Very cute: chrome-tipped exhaust, piano black roof, satin chrome finished dashboard and grille, black alloy wheels, and part leather sports seats. Additional features include start-stop technology, brake assist, fog lights, and hill holder systems, depending on the version. The Fiat TwinAir is estimated to be priced at £11,500 ($18,700 USD, if it ever comes Stateside).

Source: Fiat via Inhabitat

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