Trademark Filing Reveals More Powerful Lexus Hybrid

I didn’t quite understand the CT 200 h when it first came out, and openly teased the Lexus guys when they trotted out a heavily breathed-upon CT 200h hybrid at this year’s Chicago Auto Show in a bid to gain some “cred” for their wonky luxo-hatch.  I wasn’t the only one, it seems, who felt that the CT 200h was a bit … let’s say, “disappointing”:  according to the Age magazine, Lexus has trademarked the names CT 300h and CT 400h for use in Australia.

Does this mean the CT 200h is getting some more powerful siblings?  Lexus Australia’s Chief Exec­u­tive, Tony Cramb recently discussed Lexus’ recent sales growth, but added that ”new arrivals are going to play a big part [of our push towards record Lexus sales].”

Granted, that’s not exactly a hard-and-fast confirmation, but all the hardware to produce larger-displacement hybrids already exists in Toyota’s new line of Prii and in Lexus’ own hybrid line-up, as well – and Toyota is nothing if not clever in its use and re-use of components (see:  Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander, Lexus RX, Lexus ES, and Lotus’ upcoming Evora and Elite Hybrids … which all use the same core component groups).

We’ll update this story as it develops.

Source: the Age, via AutoEvolution.

Jo Borrás

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