Like Xanax for Range Anxiety Sufferers

There’s nothing like a little psychoactive drug humor to liven up a green car blog, I say – and there is certainly a bit of “pill” to be seen in the shape of Club Assist‘s new mobile charging station (above).

For those of you (like me) who have never heard of Club Assist, the company supplies auto clubs like AAA here in the US.   Club Assist seems to be well ahead of the roadside assistance curve, however, and has developed a portable (and EVSE compliant) support module that can get 5 kW of AC power from an on-board Honda (gas) generator.  The idea is to quickly give stranded drivers about 5 miles of extended range, getting them off the highway and (in theory) somewhere they can stop to charge up properly.

The company is already talking about 2nd-generation portable chargers using a lithium-ion battery packs and a DC/DC connection, which should cut roadside charge times to about 5 minutes, which Club Assist believes is a safer solution than towing the EV (although they would say that, given that they’re not selling tow trucks).

It’s good to someone out there is embracing EV proliferation, and I – for one – hope to see more clever solutions like these in the coming weeks and months.


Jo Borrás

I've been in the auto industry 1997, and write for a number of blogs in the IM network. You can also find me on Twitter, at my Volvo fansite, out on two wheels, or chasing my kids around Oak Park, IL.