Video: EV Cup 2011 set to Launch August 6

The EV cup that was announced last year is finally kicking of its 2011 season on August 6th at Silverstone (UK) with 3 classes of electric racecars battling it out on TV in an effort to prove to the world’s Doubting Thomases that electric cars can deliver all the fun and thrills of dino-juice racing without the negative ecological impact.

With Formula 1’s teams looking for greater sustainability in F1 and the sport’s sanctioning body eye-ing EV technology for the 2013 season, there’s little doubt that the (admittedly small) EV Cup series will be closely watched, indeed.

As above, the 2011 EV Cup series will feature three distinct classes of electric racers.

  • Th!nk City EV Cup
    The slowest class features the same Th!nk City EVs being built in Elkhart, Indiana, but modified for track use (below) to be over 200 lbs lighter.  The car’s li-ion batteries and eelctric motor performance have been improved slightly over the street-going model, to 50 hp and 66 lb-ft of torque. The tiny Th!nk’s top speed during races has been set to approx. 85 mph.

  • Sports iRace EV
    This class features purpose-built, open two-seat racers in the same spirit as the (appropriately named) Westfield iRace (shown, above) which was designed specifically for the EV Cup series.  The car’s dual electric motors deliver 260 hp and more than 480 lb-ft of torque to EACH of the iRacer’s rear wheels.  In addition, the driver can press a steering-wheel-mounted “boost” button for a few seconds of extra passing power (similar to the KERS systems currently employed by F1).
  • Prototype EV
    Established as a demonstration category, this class features “against the clock” endurance racing that pits non-production EVs (example, below) against one another in a battle for technological supremacy.  There are safety regs., to be sure – but otherwise this is exactly the kind of “formula libre” class that truly “improves the breed”, and that made Can-Am and Group B racing the stuff of legend.

You can get a sneak peek at one of the Th!nk City racers lapping the circuit at Brands Hatch in the video, below.  Enjoy!


Jo Borrás

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