This is Jack Nicholson's Hydrogen-powered Chevy Celebrity (video)

Here’s some green-tech trivia for you:  back in 1978, Jack Nicholson appeared on Candian television show “Marketplace” to promote a hydrogen-fueled Chevrolet Celebrity, which he hoped would revolutionize the car industry.

Anticipating the green-car revolution (and Chevy’s Volt!) by nearly 30 years, Nicholson’s Celebrity was (per the video) “a standard Chev’, with a standard Chev’ motor,” but used a specially-designed carburetor which allowed the car to burn hydrogen gas instead of vaporized gasoline.

Nicholson had realistic hopes for his car’s success, and alludes to the project following Tucker’s footsteps into obscurity (this was 1978, after all, ten years before Preston Tucker’s automotive efforts were romanticized and popularized by Oliver Stone).  Still, Jack was still a Hollywood bad-boy, and had a few choice gems for the camera in his brief interview.  My favorite line?  “If nothing else, this will revolutionize suicide. Instead of carbon-monoxide poisoning, you’ll just get a steam bath.”

I love this guy!

Check out the full video – which shows the car in action and includes one of the project’s engineers explaining the conversion – below.  Enjoy!

SourceCBC RetroBites.

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