Chrysler Cancels 40 mpg Ypsilon Premium Compact

Despite the mini-luxe interior appointments and trick multi-air turbo engines, Chrysler’s planned premium compact car (first announced in Fiat’s 2009 bailout plan and teased back in December) is “as good as dead”, according to Car and Driver, because it would be “too close” in price and concept to the retro-styled Fiat 500 also being peddled in Chrysler showrooms.

In case you haven’t seen the Ypsilon, this is a taste of what we’re NOT getting …

The Ypsilon will be in good company though, joining the promised-but-never-delivered Chrysler EVs and the Ram Plug-in Hybrid pickup, among others. On the upside (if there is ever an upside to “you’re not getting a new Lancia” news), Ralph Gilles – president of Chrysler’s Dodge brand – promises that an upcoming small Dodge sedan will be “very competitive” in the fuel-economy department, and will draw on Fiat’s expansive bin of efficient four-cylinder engines without “crowding” the hot-selling Fiat 500.

Here’s hoping Dodge gets it right, and delivers the goods.

SourceCar and Driver.


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