BMW C is Scooting to America

With the price of gas climbing above $5/gallon in some parts of the country, fuel economy is becoming a major issue for many Americans.  For some, the answer may “downsizing” to a smaller car or trading up into a new Volt or Leaf electric.  For many, though, the answer is just as likely to be found on 2 small wheels instead of 4 big ones, and companies like Vespa, Genuine, and Suzuki are gearing up with new scooters aimed squarely at the commuter market.

Add one more name to that list for 2013, however, because BMW’s motorcycle division is bringing its C scooter to the US next year as well.

The Concept C shown here is BMW’s second stab at the scooter market (the C1 was their first), and the first scooter the company will be bringing to the US.  Once here, the C will compete with maxi-scooters like Suzuki’s Burgman and Yamaha’s sporty TMax, among others.

No word yet on pricing or on what Transformer it turns into.

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Jo Borrás

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