Ferrari an Unlikely Leader in the Race to Curb Emissions

While all automakers are working to reduce their products’ carbon footprint and CO2 emissions, it may surprise you to learn that Ferrari (yes, that Ferrari) is leading the charge!  The Fiat-owned company has reduced their fleet’s overall C02 emissions by 46 g/km, according to JATO Dynamics‘ yearly report on the European industry’s progress towards an (eventual) 130 g/km fleet average.

According to JATO’s figures, Ferrari’s emissions cut is equal to a whopping 12 % year-over-year, and equals approximately half the total reduction that volume car makers are expected (if not required) to implement by 2015.  It’s worth noting that JATO’s calculations take into account the sales of individual cars, so Ferrari is benefiting from the increase in sales of its California model, whose emissions average “just” 301 g/km.  Ferrari hopes its upcoming hybrid and HY-KERS-equipped models will further help reduce the overall figure.

Among “the competition”, Aston Martin – which will be aided next year by its upcoming Cygnet city car – managed a 0.6 per cent reduction, Bentley 1.9 per cent and Lamborghini 1.5 per cent.


Jo Borrás

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