"Breaking" News: Nissan Leaf Owners Report Starting Problems

Nissan is reporting that a significant number of new Nissan Leaf owners are having difficulty re-starting their cars once they’ve been shut down.  Nissan spokesperson Toshitake Inoshita told Reuters that the starting problems have been traced as far back as the car’s HVAC systems, but the exact cause of the problem remains unknown.

When asked about a possible Leaf recall, Inoshita said that “when (Nissan) know the exact cause, we will decide whether to issue a service bulletin, or take other steps.”

It’s worth noting that – while significant strides in infrastructure and charging technology are being made – these are still early days for modern electric cars like the Leaf, and teething problems might be reasonably expected.  That said, while most of the early-adopters of new technology (as always) understand that they are “signing on” as beta testers, the earliest tech adopters are usually its strongest proponents, and it will be interesting to see if/how these issues (coupled with existing delays) will impact their enthusiasm for the brand going forward.

Source / Photos: Reuters / Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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