Green Speed: South Pole Record Runner is Clean and Mean

The Bremach TRex is big, tough, and indisputably awesome … but what if you wanted a bad*** green machine that was capable of tackling some of the rough at high speed?  If that were you (you lunatic!) you’d want to take a long, hard look at the truck shown here.  So mean and so green you’d swear its name was Joe, the truck was built to smash Antarctica’s overall land speed records, and will employ a full range of eco-friendly power solutions – renewable biofuels, solar power cells, and wind-powered generators – to help it keep moving forward during the sub-21 hour, 21 minute run the Reuters-sponsored truck will have to make in order to claim the record.

The (potentially) record-breaking truck is officially called the “Thomson Reuters Eikon Polar Vehicle”, and was built by Arctic Trucks of Iceland.  Based on a Toyota pick-up platform, the Eikon (“Icon”!  I get it!) is powered 340 hp bio-fueled V6, and benefits from massive modifications to the truck’s frame and suspension that serve to “beef it up” while still keeping weight as low as possible.

You can follow the team’s progress as they prepare for their December 2011 run by “liking” the South Pole Challenge Facebook page.


Jo Borrás

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