Future Fords to Use Plastics Made From Mushrooms

The innovators over at Ecovative announced they’d developed a sustainable, degradable, foam-like product from mushrooms late last year, and there was much talk of possible applications after the company’s presentation at TED.  It seemed like the audience was floored by Ecovative’s work – it looks like a few key decision-makers at Ford were, too.

Ecovative’s foam is composed of mycelia (mushroom root), seed husks, and other “throw away” organic substances.  Ford has turned to Ecovative’s new material to replace the petroleum-based foams used as insulators in dashboards, bumpers, and interior components to help make their cars more compostable.  In addition, the Ecovative foam is also fireproof and waterproof.

What do you think, readers – is this another example of corporate greenwashing, or is Ford really as jazzed about this material as I (we?) am?

If you haven’t seen it yet, then take it from me:  Ecovative’s TED video (below) is 9 minutes of must-see-awesome.

Source:  Ecovative, via Inhabitat.

Jo Borrás

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