Cleantechnica: Questions Surround GMO Algea Biofuel

We’ve covered some of the most recent advances in genetically modified bio-fuel sources here on Gas 2.0, and while all this exciting R&D might be regarded as revolutionary, Zachary Shahan – over on our award-winning sister site, Cleantechnica – reminds us that this sort of rapid progress also raises doubts among some about what the long-term environmental effects might be for genetically modified strains of algae.  How will these algae be contained, if they get into the wild?  How will they be digested, if an animal consumes them?  Will they contaminate drinking water? (etc.)

A long-term vision becomes especially important, it’s argued, now that major economic and political power-players like Exxon-Mobil and Monsanto are getting involved.  The article itself (and the associated podcast) are well worth a read (and listen).

CLICK HERE to read Zachary Shahan’s original post, on Cleantechnica.

Jo Borrás

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