Chip Yates Set to Tackle Pike's Peak on 240 hp Electric Bike

Not content to take on (and spank) the gas-powered Superbikes on sissified paved racetracks, electric-bike hero Chip Yates has decided to take on the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb this June.

Yates won’t be the first to ride an electric bike up the mountain, but he might be the first electric contended to win against stiff ICE competition.  The Pike’s Peak course is almost completely paved, but it is a rally-type of event.  Yates explains that  he will “be calling on my previous SCCA Pro Rally driving experience to get safely through the lower grip sections. Our engineers are busy developing new traction control software and mapping that will automatically adapt based on my position on the mountain.”

Aside:  I love the idea of GPS-based traction control!

Yates and his team of engineers already have outfitted the bike – itself based on a conventional Suzuki GSXR750 – with a 240 hp electric motor  reportedly capable of delivering 365 lb-ft of torque to the (hopefully) grippy rear tire.

PPIHC motorcycle steward Sonny Anderson is thrilled to have the bike in attendance, explaining that  the “exhibition powersport division is designed for new technology, and what (Yates) brings is exactly that. Our fans are in for something special.”

EV fans are in for a treat as well.  Good luck, Chip!

Source:  Wired (Autopia).

Jo Borrás

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