700 hp "Reptile" Hybrid is an Electric Dream Machine

Car design has always been a serious business, with billions at stake and huge windfalls of fame and fortune going to anyone who can convince a major automaker that the doodles in their notebooks will “play in Peoria”, and thereby qualify them to be the next Sergio Farina, Tom Gale, or Chris Bangle (for better or for worse).

Still, car design can be fun, too – especially when it comes to pie-in-the-sky concepts that have no hope of getting built, setting the designer free to hallucinate dream.  The bamboo “car” is one such improbable dream.  This 700 hp electric Reptile – designed by Spanish designer Arturo Arino – is another.

In Arino’s world, the Joker-esque roadster combines the best aspects of sportscars and motorcycles, while using a Wankel rotary range-extender to power the electric batteries, a la Volt.

Make no mistake:  the Reptile is pure vaporware … but we can dream, can’t we?

SourceAuto Evolution.

Jo Borrás

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