Your Electric Motorcycle is Sooo Mainstream

I love Hipster Kitty – the Internet meme that pokes good-natured fun at our friends who try just a bit too hard to be different.  We all have them (or are them), we all love them, and we all know they’d go nuts over Brooklyn Motorized’s new/old lineup of electric motorcycles.

The bikes themselves are pretty cool, with Brooklyn Motorized claiming a 60 mph top speed and a 30 mile range (more than enough to effectively navigate the city).  More impressive, though, is the fact that the bikes are cleverly designed for apartment living, with easily removable battery packs that can be pulled out of the frame for convenient charging indoors at home or at work, or easily swapped-out for a fully-charged battery.

With a projected price tag of just $6000 and a clever re-use of an existing chassis (which we’re big fans of – as evidenced here, here, and here) I would love to get more worked-up and excited about the bikes … but I can’t.  Not because the idea isn’t awesome or because I have some insider knowledge about the bikes or the company – it’s because I have next to ZERO knowledge about either, because the 2 page corporate website is apparently “too cool” to give out information, and features nothing more than the company logo and basic contact information (see screen caps, below).

Hopefully, Brooklyn Motorized will get more information up (or to us!) in the near future, and we’ll be able to tell you more about this fantastic electric commuter concept.

Source:  New York Times, via Engadget.

Jo Borrás

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