Green Speed: FIA President Wants All-electric Racing by 2013

In a move to generate more free publicity ecologically-responsible racing, FIA president Jean Todt has announced plans to introduce new electric sportscar, karting, and open-wheel racing categories, which could be stepping stones on the path to an all electric Formula 1 … and Todt plans to have these series in place as early as 2013.

“We want as soon as possible to have new categories with new energy,” said Todt.  The FIA president is hoping to avoid what the UK’s Telegraph calls “a piecemeal introduction” in favor of a more aggressive worldwide “roll-out” of the new electric racers, adding “As much as we can do it, we will do it.”

The project is part of Todt’s ongoing plans to encourage teams to adopt and adapt new “green” technology (like KERS and variable-vane turbos), and to use F1 as a means to foster enthusiasm for sustainability and green energy within the motorsports community … which is all well and good, but I wouldn’t hold my breath while I waited for an electric F1 car.

SourceThe Telegraph (and, as far as I can tell, it’s not an April Fool’s joke).

Jo Borrás

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