Secrets of Red Bull's F1 Dominance Revealed

Red Bull Racing began the 2011 Formula One season the same way it ended the 2010 season:  by winning.  Much journalistic ink has been spilled about the Adrian Newey-designed RB7‘s dominant performance, with rival teams accusing Red Bull of gaining an unfair advantage through the use of special wings (these complaints were made un-ironically).

Earlier today, an article appeared on that claims to have discovered the real scoop:  it’s not the wings, it’s the fuel.  More to the point, the LACK of fuel used by the RB7 racecar.  According to the article, a Red Bull Racing mechanic was seen swigging from the fuel hose – and a sample taken clandestinely from the “fuel tanks” in the dead of night has since confirmed that the mixture going into the cars of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber is, indeed, the very energy drink that the team is promoting.

Formula 1’s sanctioning body, the FIA, has yet to comment on the disclosure, but rival teams are reportedly in talks with energy drink companies Rockstar and Buzz Cola in a bid to close the performance gap.

Keep checking in later, as I plan to try this in my own vehicle this afternoon.  After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Source:, via Total F1.

Jo Borrás

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