Gasoline Hits $5.40 (Regular!) in California

This photo was posted over on the Quattroworld (Audi) forums earlier today, and it clearly shows a Death Valley, California Chevron station charging $5.40 for a gallon of regular, and $5.62 (.9) for each gallon of 91 octane “premium”.  The price of diesel is another gut-check, at $5.77 … which would easily mean $100 fill-ups for diesel Volkswagens and up to $200 for big diesel trucks.

$5 gas isn’t around the corner, people.  It’s here.  The real question is:  what do we do now?

I’ve already got a pair of 50 cc Honda scooters as my “fuel crunch” vehicles – what about you, dear readers?  Did you swear you’d switch to local bio-fuels once gas hit $5 a gallon, or are you already running on CNG?  Do you plug your car in at night?  Are you glad GM used some of their bailout money to rush the Volt to market?

If you haven’t made your “$5/gal.” plans yet, you’d better move quick:  I expect to see $5000 Geo Metros on eBay any day now.

Source:  Quattroworld, via Jalopnik.

Jo Borrás

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