Porsche Caught Testing: Is The New 911 a Hybrid?

Jalopnik tipsters recently captured photos of camouflaged Porsches filling up at a California Chevron station.  The really interesting part?  Apparently the cars made no noise, and pulled out of the station running silent.  The “hybrid” implication was driven home even harder with brakes showing extra devices attached, which Jalopnik’s writers think might be there to measure regenerative effects.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Porsche’s first hybrid model, but it would be the first time hybrid tech was applied to Porsche’s 911 – arguably the Porschiest of Porsches and the company’s longest-running model, with history back to the 1960s.

Other tidbits:  the rear hood seems to be enlarged and vented (though, to me, that seems to just create space for what will a movable rear wing – common on all Porsches since the late 80’s) and the side vents in the pictures are decals.

Head over to Jalopnik for the original story and more hi-res photos – enjoy!


Jo Borrás

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