Recycled Hawtness: Architect’s Airstream RV is a DIY Dream

Gas 2 editor Chris DeMorro has said that the greenest car is the one that’s already been built.  That’s a claim that’s open to some debate, I’m sure, but it’s a claim that’s based on proven ideas and methods like conservation of resources and recycling.  With something like an RV camper, however (which is 100% on its tow rig for mpg numbers) there can be little doubt that a recycled / renovated RV leaves a smaller footprint than a new-from-the-ground-up approach – and that’s where Santa Barbara, California based architect Matt Hoffman comes in.

Hoffman is making a strong case for recycled RV’s, who lovingly restored a 1970s Airstream towable … which looked like this when he found it.

The new interior features slick hardwood flooring, a beyond-stylish bathroom that would look at home in an upscale apartment, space-saving kitchenette, and a tiny home office that goes significantly beyond slick and into a new dimension of space-efficient sexy all its own.  You can get a sense of Hoffman’s extreme packaging skills (any maybe pick up a few ideas) with the floorplan, below.

There’s a full gallery of photos here, above, (all by the architect/builder), but be careful about hitting “enlarge” as you browse through the photo gallery.  It is all-too “inspiring” and you may find yourself getting way too motivated to start scouring the classifieds for an old RV of your own … you’ve been warned.


Source | ImagesHoffman Architecture.

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