Update: This New Lancia is the Next 40 mpg Chrysler

After a few tantalizing sketches materialized on Lancia’s European website back in December, many speculated that we were seeing hints of the upcoming Lancia Y (pronounced “epsilon”) compact, which could form the basis for a new small Chrysler in North America.  The photos here show the new Y in the flesh, and – I think you’ll agree – the final version of the car is significantly sleeker than the outgoing PT Cruiser – which is the only “small Chrysler” currently in the range.

Official plans and pricing for the North American market are yet to be released, but with award-winning Multi-Air technology and a growing “small/luxury” car market in the US, you can bet this new Lancia will take a big chunk out of Mini and Sonic sales.


Jo Borrás

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