The Wireless (!) Electric Bike That Charges Your iPhone

Take a close look at Daymak‘s new Shadow eBike wireless bicycle and see if you can spot what they mean by “wireless”.

Did you see it, yet?  I’ll admit:  it took me a few glances to “get” the fact that this is the world’s first, electric-motor-equipped bicycle that is FULLY wireless, meaning:  no delicate electrical connections exposed to the elements, no wires getting accidentally snipped at the local bike shop, and no short-circuit prone “in-frame” wiring.  The entire slick and sleek electrical system integrates the battery, the electric motor, the magnetic regenerative brakes, the throttle, and the pedal-assist functions using 2.5 GHz frequency-hopping “spread-spectrum technology“.

What “wiring” there is fully sealed within the bike’s front hub, which also features an innovative USB port so you can power up your iPhone, iPad, Nook, or any other similar device while you pedal down to your favorite coffee shop.

Daymak plans to offer the Shadow eBike with a choice of 250W or 350W electric motors, which will provide a 12-15 mile range as a “pure electric vehicle”, or 22-25 miles in pedal-assist mode.  The included battery takes about 4 hours to completely recharge with a standard 110 outlet (Daymak didn’t mentione what impact charging your favorite electronics would have on range, though).

Prices start at just under 2000 USD.

SourceGizmag, via Gizmodo.


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