Lexus Brings Ridiculous "Tuned" Hybrid to Chicago

Lexus brought out a number of modified hybrid cars to Chicago, apparently hoping that customizers like 5 Axis would be able to bring some sort of “baller” cred to their awkward luxo-hatch … which raises one very important question:  do the kids still say “baller”?

Whether they do or don’t, this bass-boat glittery 5 Axis Lexus is trying extra-hard to impress with an aggressive fiberglass wide-body kit and low-profile tires wrapped around an extra-wide set of Tein wheels, which do an adequate job of showing off a set of big brake rotors from Stoptech.

I think it goes without saying that the extra weight, increased frontal area, and massive frontal openings of the bodykit seriously detract from the factory CT200h’s excellent aerodynamic package – as do the extra-wide wheels with sticky (read: high rolling resistance) tires.  I don’t know quite what to say about the brakes, other than to point out that 5 Axis has chosen to ditch the millions-of-dollars-and-years-in-development regenerative braking system from Lexus with brakes that are (and I say this generously) more fashion-conscious.


Source:  2011 Chicago Auto Show.

Jo Borrás

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