Sub5Zero Drives the Lexus GS450h

Lexus’ performance-oriented GS450h hybrid promises supercar acceleration and Lexus’ usual levels of “vault silent” luxury, with just enough green-washing to keep the GS’ usually performance-focused buyers from feeling too guilty about their non-Prius purchase.  Given a chance to put one through its paces, my good friend Ari Cox over at Sub5Zero discovered this hybrid’s secret:  that electric motor?  It makes the car faster.

Gunning the engine from a start causes it to pause for a millisecond and ask you a simple question “Are we doin this?.” And when you drop the hammer and say “Hell yeah!” the GS450h says “Word!” and gets you on your way with an urgency you’ll not soon forget. 0-60 mph comes quickly at just 5.2 seconds. But where the GS450h really shines is at higher speeds, especially on the highway where passing and carving through traffic with an effortless agility is truly awe-inspiring.

Looks like the guys had some fun!  Many more pictures and a fully detailed review/road test can be found at the original article.


Jo Borrás

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