Solar v. Gas: the Water Heater

Solar-powered Water-heater

Natural-gas water heaters are nothing new, and (in many cases) they’ve been engineered into mini-marvels of energy efficiency.  What happens to natural gas water heaters, however, if the current trend towards CNG-powered cars and trucks start to drive up demand and prices?  That’s not something I’d ever thought of, but this is “Gas 2.0”, and the answer to the question of “what comes after oil” in cars will have repercussions far beyond the scope of automotive news.

Where does that leave the gas-powered water heater?  Our sister-site, Cleantechnica, recently covered the solar water heater (shown, above) and offered a few tips on selecting the right solar system to meet your heating needs – which may become a cost-effective alternative to even the most efficient CNG heaters.

Check out the original post over on Cleantechnica.

Jo Borrás

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