The Windmill Bridge – All Bridges Should Look Like This

This gorgeous bridge design is the work of architects Giovanna and Luisa Saracino, who – along with design partner Francesco Colarossi – came in second in a contest intended to promote construction of a bridge connecting Bagnara and Scilla in Italy.

I can’t say why the design didn’t win (although I’d like to see at least one “massive, worldwide OPEC / Illuminati / gray alien conspiracy” in the comments), but a “solar highway” like this one could us the structure of the wind turbine as stressed members and structural support, and surely generate enough wind-power to supply nearby rest-stops and fueling stations, as well as supplement regional homes and businesses.

The innovative turbine bridge’s pedestrian walkway would be covered in electricity-generating solar panels as well as a series of small greenhouses, in a bid to promote local independent growers to set up shop in what would surely become a regional icon.

You can see more of the bridge designer’s ideas in the gallery, below.

SourceNew Italian Blood, via Gizmodo.

Jo Borrás

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