Nissan's Leaf is Keeping Score

A Nissan Leaf owner identifying themselves as “Gudy” over on the My Nissan Leaf forum has posted some neat screencaps of the Leaf’s “CARWINGS” software, which records your energy efficiency and compares it to other Leaf owners’ by region … so you can see how your hyper-miling skills stack up against your neighbor’s!

Nissan’s CARWINGS is more than just a positive-reinforcement game engine, however.  CARWINGS uses advanced telematic systems to track and display all kinds of information about the car while it’s driving, including things like overall number of trips, their distance, duration, etc. … and (most impressively) CARWINGS manages to gather all this data in the spirit of light-hearted “fun”, without any scary “big brother” vibes.

There hasn’t been any word on whether or not Nissan will be handing out prizes for the most efficient Leaf owners (Leafers?  Leaftists?), but that seems to be logical “next step” in making driving fun again.

Source:  My Nissan Leaf, via Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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