Antarctic Explorer is Halfway Home!

We first reported on the Moon-Reagan Transantarctic Expedition’s E85-powered Antarctic Explorer back in August, when the group announced plans to cross more than 3,600 miles of Antarctic ice in the “pointy, loud, and fast” vehicle shown here.

Since then, the 11-person crew has crossed more than 1800 miles, and – despite numerous breakdowns and mechanical issues plaguing the team’s 2 conventionally-fueled support vehicles – the Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle’s 100 hp turbocharged Rotax has been humming along, trouble-free at speeds exceeding 80 mph!

You can follow the Moon-Reagan Expedition’s progress on their daily blog … or keep your bookmark bar clutter-free by just checking in here every few days.

Source:  Treehugger, via the Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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