Toyota Debuts Prius PLUS Performance Package

The Toyota Prius is the exact opposite of a performance car. Slow, fuel efficient, and with all the handling of a cabbage wagon. It wasn’t designed as a performance car, though that hasn’t stopped the Prius faithful from customizing their eggs in all sorts of ways, from wheels to body kits. The Prius is just like any other car in that regards; people will modify them any way they can.

Looking to capitalize on the ever-expanding Personalized Prius market, Toyota’s in-house tuning department has unveiled the TRD Prius PLUS Performance Package. So is the Prius no a real performer?

In a word, no.

TRD, which stands for Toyota Racing Development, has a knack for tuning up vehicles like the Tundra and what not to make them sportier, faster, and cooler-looking. At SEMA 2010, TRD lifted the veil on the PLUS Performance Package for the Prius, which is little more than a body kit and a tweaked suspension for the Prius.

This isn’t the first Prius bodykit I have seen, though for you MPG-obsessed the PLUS package maintains the Prius’s 0.25 drag coefficient. It also maintains the same weight. The only real “sporty” improvement is the addition of a sway bar and better-tuned suspension system, which lowers the car but doesn’t make it any faster. But the Prius was never about speed (though making it a bit quicker wouldn’t hurt.) While performance is unimpressive, I think this kit improves the looks of this humble hybrid a wee bit.

An improvement for you guys, or could you care less?

Source: Green Car Advisor

Christopher DeMorro

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