Ford Plans To Outbuild Chevy Volt With Electric Focus

Ford has seriously revamped its lineup over the past few years, pushing out more new products than any of its competitors. It is just about time too, as its lineup was starting to look dated. Finally though, Ford will replace the oldest car in its fleet, the Ford Focus, with an all-new model in 2012. As we already covered, the Focus should be getting 40 mpg with an automatic transmission and can run on E85 fuel if so desired.

What about those who don’t want any gas at all? Well the Focus has you covered too, because Ford plans to start selling an all-electric Focus late next year. By 2012, they plan to sell as many cars as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, both of which hit the market almost a year ahead of the Focus.

Precious few details are known about the electric Focus right now, though judging by Ford’s cockiness they must have an Ace up their sleeve. Word through the grapevine is the electric Focus, which should debut a few months after the all-new Focus goes on sale next spring, will have a 100 mile all-electric range and no “range-extender” gas engine. While the Volt goes on sale next month, and the Nissan Leaf early next year, the electric Focus will not be out until the end of 2011 (even though they’ve already lent out working examples to the likes of Jay Leno for his brief stint post- “Tonight Show”).

That did not stop Ford executive Sue Cischke from speculating that during 2012, Ford expects to make more Focus electrics than Chevy makes Volts, but to not sell quite as many as the Nissan Leaf. That would put it in the ballpark between 10,000 and 20,000 cars, not a tremendous number but nothing to sneeze at either. Ford is also planning two more hybrids (Fiesta?) and a plug-in hybrid to add to its lineup as well.

By the time the Focus electric is ready to go though, the Leaf and Volt won’t be its only competition. It is still hard for me to believe we are on the verge of mass market acceptance of electric cars…and at the same time, very exciting. Could America sell 100,000 electric vehicles in 2012?

Source: The Detroit News

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