Tata Tower A Super Garage for the Future

I love cars, but I am very aware of their shortcomings. Perhaps nothing bothers me as much as parking lots. They are in many ways just wasted space, and the bigger the store the bigger the parking lot. We’ve sort of grown into though, and parking lots make great meeting places for all sorts of events…though I believe we could do away with a lot of them.

What about countries like India though? Just seven people in every 1,000 own a car (whereas America has 647 cars per 1,000 people), and yet have you seen the traffic jams they already have to deal with? What will happen when that number goes up and up and up as India makes big economic strides? Well, you might start to see super-garages like this Tata-designed on sprouting up.

I’ve seen video of the traffic jams in India, and it sends shivers up my spines. Imagine what it will be like 20 years from ago? Some studies say that by 2030, 25% of Mumbai will be covered by cars and parking lots. That is a lot of space devoted to just parking cars, and in Mumbai, space is at a premium. The Tata Tower, however, acts as a vertical parking garage, providing ample space (and charging for electric vehicles) to 4,050 Tata Nanos, the world’s cheapest car. The towers would lift the Nanos up into slots along the tower, and I am assuming some sort of ticket system or code would retrive the car for you.

Not only would they hold Tata Nanos, but Tata employees as well. Starting to see a pattern here? The Tata Tower would have up to 930 residences for employees. The towers wouldn’t just be self-sustaining, but actually provide power to charge the cars. It all looks good on paper, but is such a project feasible? It might have to be, as Mumbai is the second most-populated city on the planet. They are going to need somewhere to park all those cars, or come up with a better public transportation system.

Source: Inhabitat via The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Christopher DeMorro

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