ERA RaceAbout EV, in Action!

The ERA RaceAbout electric car from Finland was one of the competitors in the recent Automotive XPrize, but while plenty of photos and specs existed, I hadn’t yet stumbled upon a good VIDEO of the car in action.  Michael Graham Richard, over at Treehugger, found this video of the little electric runabout, and I thought it was worth sharing here.

As a quick refresher, the RaceAbout is an all-carbon, 4WD sportscar propelled by 4 hub-mounted electric motors which are powered Li-ion batteries which the car’s makers claim can be “express” charged (to 80% capacity) in about 10 minutes.  Considering the car’s claimed 200 km range, that should cover the needs of any “weekend toy”-style driver out there.

Proposed "Express" Charging Station

You can follow the car’s progress on the company’s Facebook page, HERE … and don’t forget to “Like” Gas 2.0 while you’re over there.

SOURCE:  Automotive XPrize, via TreeHugger.

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