Could Ford "Start" Replace The Ka Micro-Car?

The battle of the micro-cars is heating up, and perhaps the most important battleground is the country we call him. Yes, America’s love affair with oversized automobiles may finally be cooling and smaller cars like the Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500 are ready for the limelight. How small are Americans willing to go though?

Very small, mayhaps. Ford is said to be mulling replacing its aging Ka, which shares some engineering with the 500, with a car based on the “Start” concept unveiled in Beijing over the summer. Will this car make it to America under the “One Ford” plan?

I certainly hope so, because I loooove the Start concept. The tiny four-seater is powered by a three-cylinder, 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine, which means turbocharger + fuel efficiency. Plus such a car would start around $13,000, well within even this humble writer’s price range. Of course, such a car has traditionally been sold in markets that love small cars, like East Asia, Africa, South America, and even Europe where the Ka is quite popular. So what about America?

The Fiesta just went on sale here in America, and yet already accounts for 1/3 of total Fiesta sales. That is not a number to be ignored, especially since Ford sells more trucks than anything else. Still, the Fiesta can easily top $20,000 when you start adding features…there is room in Ford’s lineup for a cheaper car yet, even in America. I would love to see something like the Start on Ford lots. Plus, Ford wants to take all of its models global…why not the Start too?

What about you guys? Would you ever consider a car like the Start?

Source: Inside Line

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