Which States Are The Best/Worst To Drive In?

This summer I drove through 29 states in just six weeks, covering over 12,000 miles. That…is a lot of driving, and I got a little taste of each state when it came to how it was to drive. While I don’t much care for the heat, I found the Southwest to be largely devoid of traffic and aggravation. California, on the other hand, nearly drove me into a murderous rage because it seemed like I couldn’t go more than 10 miles without hitting traffic. Now, I know why.

Forbes has released their annual ratings of the best and worst states to drive in. California was by far the worst state to drive in…though the best state for drivers might surprise you.

Every year, Forbes releases ratings for driving in all 50 states, basing their analysis on gas prices, infrastructure/safety, and insurance. California managed to rank amongst the worst in all three categories, with the third-highest gas prices, third-worst infrastructure/safety ratings, and the fifth-highest insurance. For a state so car-centric, one would think it would be more driver friendly, but many of Cali’s laws do not work to the benefit of drivers. Illinois was next on the worst-list, followed by New York. I feel vindicated…though my home state of Connecticut was tied for 7th place (with Rhode Island) for worst states to drive in, which comes as no surprise to me.

So which state is the best place for drivers? Surprisingly, South Carolina. I’ve been to South Carolina before, though not on my most recent excursion. N.C. has low gas prices, good infrastructure, and some of the best insurance rates in the country. I can dig it, though personally, I enjoyed blasting through the mountains of Montana. Those were some of the best, most-fun roads I’ve ever been on…though I guess “fun” isn’t an objective measurement, is it?

Check out Forbes to see where your state sits…some of the choices are quite surprising.

Source: Forbes

Christopher DeMorro

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