Prius Minivan-Like MPV Teased on Facebook

The Toyota Prius not only dominates the hybrid car market, but the name itself has become synonymous with hybrid vehicles. Bully for Toyota, I say. Toyota appears ready to finally capitalize on the success of the Prius by expanding the lineup to include more cars, including a minivan like MPV. Now we get to see the first pictures of this MPV.

On a billboard posted to the Prius’s own Facebook page, we get our first look of the Prius MPV…s ituated behind a current Prius sedan. Is it really that much bigger?

The picture of the billboard, posted “Live” from the 10th anniversary of the Prius celebration on the Prius Facebook page, shows a regular 2010 Prius in the foreground. Behind it presumably is the Prius MPV… though it doesn’t look all that much bigger. Perhaps at most six inches longer, a few inches taller with a much taller cabin on the rear-half of the car. This space will supposedly fit more passengers, or at least more cargo, more comfortably.

I can only assume that this Prius MPV will look similar to the current or next-generation Prius, and will be priced in the same ballpark. It will probably get the same gas mileage too, though perhaps a little less due to the increased heft. Is this the car what the Prius lineup really needs though? I would be happier with a smaller, cheaper, two-person coupe… not unlike the Honda CR-Z, but with Prius-like mileage. Does the MPV do it for you guys?

Source: Prius Facebook Page

Christopher DeMorro

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