Upright "Seats" The Future of Air Travel?

I do not care for flying for a number of reasons. Mostly though, because I find the seats too small, the cabin too cramped, the the bellowing of jet engines quite distracting. I’d really rather drive than fly, though I realize that isn’t always an option. Airlines have been hit hard by the economy, and they are always trying to figure out ways to squeezing more passengers on to a plane.

Still, seating can’t get much worse? Right?

Wrong. Behold, the “SkyRider.”

Squeezing people in to just 23 inches of front-to-back seating space, the SkyRider mimics a horseback saddle. Horseback saddles, as you may or may not know, are not designed as much for comfort as they are for keeping you on the horse. Sure, you can sit on a saddle for eight hours; the question is, do you want to?

I already don’t fit into plane seats, and while I imagine this might slate in as a budget option, I’m a pretty cheap guy. I just doubt my shoulders or my legs could fit comfortably, and if it is a long flight, I might end up turning incoherent and violent. I think I’d rather be stuck with standing-room only, like Ireland’s RyanAir is proposing.

Would you seriously consider sitting in these seats?

Source: USA Today

Christopher DeMorro

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