TTXGP Founder and CEO Visits Intel and Hollywood Electrics

Interested in joining the new guard?

TTXGP Founder and CEO Azhar Hussain will be at Intel September 14th for an exclusive presentation of TTXGP and the Mavizen, the race-ready bike they’re manufacturing. More information and registration instructions here.

From the press release:

See the Mavizen TTX02 Championship bike up close and meet the rider, Jennifer Bromme and hear her eletcric adventures in the championship.
 Some snacks and drink will be provided during the networking sessions.

Azhar Hussain, CEO and founder will share the story of TTXGP, the successes from the program and future plans. Focus on the profound changes that this has brought to the industry. The unique opportunity TTXGP provides its partners to capitalise on association with the fast paced sexy world of motorsport coupled with social conscience and the growing popularity and need for sustainable technology.

Then on September 16th, Hollywood Electrics, America’s only all-electric motorcycle dealership, will host Azhar Hussain and Walter Roehrich, founder of Roehr Motorcycles. Roehr is currently the fastest electric bike in production and the Mavizen is the fastest race-ready limited production electric bike. Both will be great opportunities to find out more about how a telecom industry serial entrepreneur saw an opportunity outside the “traditional” Silicon Valley products and seized it.

Image Credit: TTXGP

Susanna Schick

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