Here it is: the EPA's New Grading Scale

Last week, I wrote a post about the EPA’s proposed new-vehicle window stickers, which issue a (controversial) letter-grade to different new cars, and wondered how different cars would actually be graded, in practice.

The first “sample” grades are in…

…let the questions begin.

More cars, and grades C-D, after the jump.

For the most part, there are no real surprises here.  The scale seems to be fairly objective, in a “spit out this much CO2 and get this many mpg and you get this grade,” sort of way… but there are still a few nagging questions.

Questions about how, exactly, to rate the mpg of extended-range hybrids, for one example. Questions about ratings for diesels and E85-capable vehicles (which seem absent from the above sample), for another.

I would also like to point out that the EPA didn’t mention any specific vehicles that might get A or A+ ratings—which is a rather curious omission of the Chevy Volt.  Has the EPA not tested one, yet—or, as Gas 2.0 editor Nick Chambers opined—are the results a bit less than impressive?

Time will tell.

SOURCE:  EPA, via Autoblog.

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