Could Mazdaspeed 3 Go Diesel?

I have a rather positive outlook on diesel engines, especially compared to many of my older contemporaries. To me diesels, are powerful, efficient, and sound a good deal cooler than most gasoline engines. Many older car buyers today though think of diesel engines as smoky, smelly, cranky old engines like those from the 1970’s and 80’s.

My how times have changed. Mazda, an automaker that prizes itself on its youthfulness, is considering adding a diesel engine to the Mazdaspeed 3. A diesel-powered performance hatchback for the youth, you say? Sign me up!

Car & Driver reports that Mazda Senior VP of Product Development Robert Davis talked about possibly using a diesel engine in the Mazdaspeed 3. This is far from set in stone, and Car & Driver sounds more than a little skeptical. However, Davis says that its youthful buyers don’t have the same negative perceptions of diesel cars… because we weren’t around to hate them.

Davis also said that “performance wouldn’t be degraded,” which is fantastic to hear. The Mazdaspeed series of cars is Mazda’s “performance” badge. The Mazdaspeed 3 is a peppy little hatchback (albeit wrong-wheel drive) and diesel engines are known for their torque. Throw in Mazda’s upcoming series of Sky engine, packing at least the 263 horsepower the current Mazdaspeed 3 makes (plus more torque naturally), and you’ve got a fun car with great fuel economy. And that is exactly what my generation is looking for.

Let’s hope they come through!

Source: Car & Driver | Image: Mazda

Christopher DeMorro

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