New Holland Rolls Out Fuel-Cell Tractor

New Holland’s revolutionary ZEV NH2 tractor will be making its North American debut at next week’s Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa… but it’s much more than a static concept: it’s a fully-functional prototype of (what New Holland hopes will be) the farm tractor of tomorrow.

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Tractors may not be the sexiest thing on wheels, but agricultural equipment manufacturer New Holland hopes to change that with its new NH2 tractor, which promises sexy tech in the form of a 106 hp hydrogen fuel-cell powerplant and sexy styling from Turin, Italy.

Based on New Holland’s current T6000 tractor, the NH2 features two electric motors that provide power to drivetrain operations and auxiliaries, respectively.  New Holland claims that the nearly emissions free tractor can run for up to 2 hours on a single tank of hydrogen.

The NH2’s innovative design makes use of a gear-less powertrain, which—when coupled to the NH2’s electric motors—leads to nearly silent operation (as seen in the video, below).

New Holland hopes their new tech is adopted by organic “off the grid” farmers, and that equipment like the NH2 will (because they have sufficient real-estate to install alternative energy systems) be able to become more energy independent and improve farmer’s overall financial stability by “liberating” them from dependence on petroleum-based fuels.

SOURCE:  New Holland / Gizmag.


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