HKS + Honda CRZ = Seriously Fun Hybrid

When Honda first announced the CRZ Hybrid, they promised a spiritual successor to the “totally 80’s” CRX Si—a car that set the standard for small, fun-to-drive commuters.

When the final production version debuted, many felt that the CRZ program had failed. The new car was slower, heavier, and fuel economy was lagging behind the 80’s CRX… not exactly a recipe for automotive fun.

ENTER: HKS (let the fun begin!).

HKS has a long history of making ordinary cars much more dangerous fun. Recently, HKS turned its attention towards Honda’s new CRZ hybrid, adding an HKS-developed supercharger and intake system to boost the gas-engine’s power output and increase the car’s “fun factor” without losing the around-town EV capability or negatively affecting mileage at highway cruise.

As always, HKS’ results are impressive:

Power is up from 122 hp to a much more enthusiastic 170 hp, thanks to a purpose built HKS supercharger, and—if the 16 second “teaser” video released by HKS last week (below) is to be believed—the small car’s top speed is now 169 kph, making it one of the fastest commercially-available hybrids on the market!

HKS is expected to release full details on kit pricing this October, with installation available at select Honda dealers. If the production package lives up to the prototype’s promise, Honda dealers might find they have a sporty green(er) alternative to offer Mustang, Camaro, and Volkswagen GTi shoppers.

PHOTO CREDITS: HKS Japan, Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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