Video: Fisker Karma Brings Its Sexy Back

For the past few years, we’ve gotten a lot of promises from major car manufacturers and electric vehicle startups alike. Tesla Motors and Fisker are perhaps the best known new car startups, and while the former has been delivering electric roadsters for two years now, the latter has yet to put a journalist behind the wheel of its much ballyhooed Karma plug-in hybrid sedan.

While we haven’t seen anything of substance from Fisker yet, they have just released a sexy new commercial that definitely has the production qualities of a major manufacturer. Read on to see the video and watch as Fisker brings sexy back to electric vehicles.

Sex sells, this we all know. While we never get a glimpse of the ice cube-toting, high heel-wearing lady, there are plenty of action shots of the Karma spinning its wheels. We don’t get to hear the Karma in action though, as the video has been dubbed over by music and the sounds of a jet plane taking off.

Fisker does mention the Karma’s 100 mpg “achievable” rating and the 403 horsepower. It is hard to ignore that the Karma is also one sexy looking car. I think Fisker is relying too much on the looks of the car though. Why not talk about the hybrid drive train, the 0-60 mph time, and all the high-tech goodies on board? Ok, that might be a bit boring for non-car people. So I guess its all about the looks for now, which isn’t an entirely bad thing.

Maybe they should spend less time making commercials and more time making cars and get a few of these bad boys on the road.

Source: Fisker

Christopher DeMorro

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