Efficient Three-Wheeled Motor Home Crams Civilization Into Tiny Footprint

As some of you may already know, I spent about half the summer driving around the country in an old Ford Mustang. It was an amazing experience fraught with mistakes and poorly laid plans. Next time, I will do things differently. For one, I’ll probably try to find a van or station wagon big enough to sleep in, should circumstances call for it.

Then again, maybe I’ll just buy a Buffalino. This clever little three wheeler packs an entire RV in a very small area. Designed for one person, it looks like the perfect mobile office. Just don’t expect to get anywhere in a rush.

Conceived by Cornelius Comanns, a German industrial designer, the Buffalino is based on the Piaggio APE 50 three-wheeled delivery scooter. They are powered by tiny gas engines, and generally used for local delivery work. Cornelius thinks it’d make a nice little camper, though to me it does look a bit cramped. Still, in his design he has managed to cram everything in there.

There’s a work desk, a sink, water tank, fold-out bed, refrigerator, a stove, and seating for two. Cornelius thinks such a vehicle would encourage people to go off the beaten track and explore the country while still having some semblance of civilization with them. I don’t know how far off road I would take this three-wheeler, and with all that weight on it I doubt the little engine will be able to maintain highway speeds. Still, it looks like a nice way to explore Europe. Going across America might require something a bit more… robust.

Check out a lot more images over at Designboom.

Source: Designboom | Images: Cornelius Comanns

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