Switzer e900 GTR Ethanol Powered Supercar: Driven

Full disclosure: I’ve spent the last 18 months working closely with Tym Switzer and his crew at Switzer Performance in a PR capacity. The car was announced in June—and now, the car is ready… and I’ve been asked to tell you about it.

Am I biased? Yes. Is there a conflict of interest here? Probably. Does it matter? Not a bit: with over 900 hp on tap, even the most jaded alt-fuel cynic would walk away from a ride in Switzer’s e900 GTR with wobbly knees and an empty bladder.

Pictures, videos, and you-have-GOT-to-be-kidding-me dyno graph, after the jump.

That was the scene a few months ago, when Tym Switzer took the first E900 prototype over to a 3rd-party dyno in an effort to verify his latest product offering.  The car (as shown) was still a glossy, factory white—visually unremarkable. The numbers posted, however, were anything but unremarkable.


The car was putting just over eight-hundred horsepower to the ground, through all four wheels. Even with a conservative 15% driveline loss, that meant the engine was making almost 940 hp… on readily available E85. Add the 20″ BBS LM wheels and Amuse carbon bodywork, and the end result is one incredibly powerful alt-fuel exotic.

I know what you’re thinking: this is not a “green” car story.

We’ve been through this before, of course; and, in a way, you’re right: the e900 is not, first and foremost, an exercise in environmentally conscious thinking. What the e900 is, however, is a meaner and greener version of Tym Switzer’s incredibly potent P800 and R850 GTR Nissans (links to video) that does not belch black clouds of unburnt fuel on its way to 200+ mph.

Go watch that video and come back. I’ll wait.

See those black clouds? Those cars are supposed to do that.

Compare that to the e900 video, above. With the e900, there is no cloud, no smoke, and no nausea—even after hours spent tuning on the dyno.

There are dozens of P800 videos online, with owners of the cars racing everything from Corvettes to crotch-rockets to each other, and the videos are incredibly popular online, with hundreds of thousands of views on multiple YouTube channels. To most of the people watching those videos, alternative fuels, sustainability, and environmental responsibility are barely a concern—if a concern at all. A car like the e900, then, tells this audience—an audience that cannot be reached by Nissan LEAF or Chevy Volt—that if they really want the fastest, meanest tuner car experience money can buy, conventional gasoline can’t deliver.

In short: if the gearheads who usually stand in the way of ecological progress really want to go fast, then they’re going to have to consider alternate fuels… and maybe even a hybrid.

If you don’t get at least a little schadenfreude out of that, you’re a better person than I am.

PHOTO CREDIT:  photos courtesy of William Zervos, used with permission.

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